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Using detectable spells


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If there's a need, I can package a final working version and upload it within a day.
I doubt that (unless I missed the post or unless you've a time machine) but if you posted any updates you've done within the year, that would be cool. Sooner or later we (or someone) is going to want to try to use it in BP and Ascension, for the sake of standardisation etc.


Would be nice to have standardization of harmful cloud detection.


Edit: Edited out rambling.


I'd like that any such standard would provided for the needs of both tactics AI mods, and party AI.


Basically, clouds detectable, "Range"-able and also their type since that would allow a meele char protected with free action to wad in a web, protected from acid into death fog etc.

There is a optimization you may be tempted to make;

the party don't have to care about clouds only harmful for enemies (and vice-versa), but then again, the enemies DO.


I suspect there is something like this in creature in DavidW cloud detection since i belive he only uses it for enemies.

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