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BG1 NPC Project Bug


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I am sorry f I am doing something wrong... Hopes not.

Anyway, I have installed BG1 and TUTU, and among other mods the BG1 NPC Project (which I admit had me rather excited^^)

Only, when I arrive at the Friendly Arms Inn and I am joined by Jaheira and Khalid, they immediatly start the "leave talk" and leave. Then they start the "get me back again" talk. If I try to keep them, the circle goes on ab infinitum. If I let them go, after a couple of time it stops.

Imoen doesn't give me the same problem, but the "fake party" at Candlekeep (the tutorial one) did.

I tried de-installing most of the mod, but nothing, the problem is still here. I would really like to play the game with this mod, so, I don't know... Maybe somebody can help me?


Thank you all^^



PS: Sorry for my English, I am Italian. ^^

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Posting the contents of your weidu.log file (A file located in your BG folder, just open it in notepad, and copy-paste) could go a long way in solving your problems.

Most problems with mods are caused due to a mod not working together very well with another mod, depending on the order in which those mods were installed.

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