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GemRB on Android - Characters appearing in wrong places


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I installed version 0.7.0 but there is a bug in the on-screen buttons when the screen ratio is forced to 4:3, which was working perfectly in the Android market version.


So I am going back to that version and I will start a new game without removing npcs to see if this is enough to avoid crashes...

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I'm also looking forward for new market version from Beholder with major improvements as usual (multitouch support is announced), but it may take some time.




Posting my current BG1 setup on android, maybe it'll help you.

I have galaxy tab 7" (1024x600), BG1 from GOG, GemRB 0.7.0

1) install BG1 in windows (virtualbox in my case)

2) patch game data with widescreen mod (http://www.gibberlin...net/widescreen/) choosing GemRB mode.

After that game interface would be 1024x600 but dialog panel stays short.

3) patch game data with TWM_GUI mod (http://athkatla.cob-...opic.php?t=3257). It's officially compatible with GemRB now. It will fix dialog panel. You can also choose big fonts, but you don't need them with GemRB 0.7.0 so it supports custom fonts.

4) enable custom fonts (http://forums.gibber...ndpost&p=194752)

5) in GemRB.cfg

Bpp=16 # improves speed
TouchScrollAreas=1 # grey lines on screen edges

6) in baldur ini (gemrb won't write it)

[Program Options]
Mouse Scroll Speed=128
[Game Options]
Auto Pause State=192
Pause On Trap=1

7) map hardware keys to right mouse click, doors highlighting etc.


Screenshot from device:


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I don't think multitouch will be working in the next market version (unless Beholder has gone ahead and amended our multitouch code). I had intended to have it rewritten by now to work for Android as well, instead of iOS only, but i have been waylaid by getting a pre-compiled mac distribution available and fixing the iOS version. It is the next thing on my list (unless beholder beat me to it)

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I installed 0.7.0 but got a problem.


My screen is 800*480.


In 0.6.6 I was able to play with 640*480 (keeping 4:3 ratio) leaving a black stripe on the right that I was using for on-screen controls (number from 1 to 6, directions and keyboard key). Without these on-screen controls I find the game much more difficult to play.


In 0.7.0 I cannot put on-screen controls on the black stripe and in addition the mouse pointer is not where I point, it is always somewhat left (It is like it gets the position correctly on a 800x480 but then scales it back to 640*480...).


Is this a known bug?

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I believe those changes/problems are due to beholder using SDL 1.3 in anticipation for multitouch. SDL 1.3 is very much unfinished especially for android, but it is required for multitouch. With multitouch you will probably be able to do what you need to do much quicker and easier then those soft buttons anyway.


I have had to work around several SDL 1.3 bugs in both the SDL source and GemRB source.

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I've got similar problems with out-of-screen mouse position in some other SDL apps in 4:3 mode.


TWM_GUI for BG1 supports 800x480, maybe you should try it. Also, AFAIK Beholder has 800x480 device, so new market version will support this resolution fine :).


I build "experimental" SDL-1.3 versions from latest public sources for every android build on SF. They are unfinished and has build problems, but work on my device.

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