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Icewindale level 50 ruleset?


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Old time lurker, first time poster..


I'm replaying Icewindale I, with HoW and Trials of the Luremaster installed.

Been soloing a fighter all the way through, with no cheating(!)


I hit lvl 30 before lower Dorns Deep, and installed James Schumacher's level 40 patch.

Before I've finished half of HoW, I'm level 40, and I'd like to progress further. :)

Haven't done Trials yet either.


The xp-cap remover allows me unlimited xp, but I can't level-up.


On the Chosenofmystra-site I found something called; Dark Poet's IWD lvl 50.zip,

but it's an empty file, it doesn't contain any data.

Does anyone know if there are other level-cap removers or higher level rulesets out there?


Godhood is not an option, I wanna be a high-level fighter.. ;)=






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No problem, and thanks! That was quick, I thought noone cared about this game anymore. :D


I can't really get it to work though. Still lvl 40, next level Godhood. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Sometimes Vista won't let you paste files into folders unless you make permission-changes etc. first.

I'll look into it.






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