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BG2 - bug - Character stats keep increasing upon zoning


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Hey all, I'm playing BG2 on android latest GemRB build and am getting an odd bug.


If any of my characters are wearing equipment with + modifiers (ie. +1 for AC or +20 to pick lock, etc.) everytime I zone it seems to recalculate those modifiers on top of the already modified stats. So if I zone a few times I end up with stats in the -20 AC and 300 pick lock range.


Has anyone else encountered this error? Would alogcat help with this?


Thanks for your time.

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When I say zone I mean travelling from area to area. It seems to happen anytime I change maps, be it moving up and down stairs in a building or travelling from waukeen promenade to docks district.


It also seems to only happen from items like rings, shields, helmets. Not (ie. Platemail) armor itself.

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Yeah, i saw the symptoms but didn't know what causes this.

This is my "recent" change on "fixing" area transition.




I fixed this.

Btw, you use the newest android version.

So you probably can help us out in the other thread where someone cannot upgrade from the market version.

--> http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=24287


About alogcat: didn't the new version create some log file? It should obsolete alogcat.

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