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Android - BG2 - Lilarcor quest bug


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Hey all, encountering a bug in the slaver compound sewers with the Lilarcor quest. The spot where you are supposed to reach into the sewer grate and receive the item Vallah's hand. I get damaged but don't receive the hand in my inventory.


Something similar happened with Renal Bloodscalp with shadow thieves quest. After completing the quest to kill Mael'var or whatever his name is, after returning for the reward Bloodscalp gives gold and is supposed to give a sword as well but the sword doesn't appear in my inventory, though he mentions it in his text speech. Possible the two bugs are related ?



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Checking the grate, something indeed goes wrong and the action returns prematurely. Working on it ... LastTrigger is bad, so it doesn't know who to give the item. This could very well be related to the recent regression from the other thread.


The item is MISC5S btw and you can create it via the debug console: ci("misc5s")

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This is definitely not related to the area transition.


LastTrigger is saved when a trigger (listed in svtriobj.ids) was used.

Apparently, the 'Said' trigger is also on this list, but we don't implement it. This trigger is triggered during dialog option selection (i think).

Solution would be to send the 'Said' trigger when someone selected something. Or just set lasttrigger directly.

This has the potential to break other stuff.


If the grate has no dialog, then this may be something else, or two bugs.

It would help if i knew which area/dialog/script is involved.

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the damage is dealt, but getactorfromobject fails and createitem is then short-circuited.

It is because reallyforcespell overwrites lasttrigger.

I still don't know if spellcast should be sent to self, or not.

Even if should be sent, maybe there is a delay by message.

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