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Installation issues


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First of all, a question that needs to be answered before anything else even becomes remotely relevant: Are either of the expansions (TotSC for BG1 and ToB for BG2) *requirements* for SCS to work? I'm asking because Tutu can technically be used with neither expansion, but after digging through these forums a bit I found that installing the ToBex component (If I'm getting that name right) requires a patched ToB exe, but I'm clearly missing that. However, after following the advice in the thread I found that tidbit in and adding

Disable_ToBEx 1
Disable_Hacks_If_ToBEx_Skipped 1

to the SCS.ini file, I'm still having my original issue:


ERROR: Failure("resource [spin550.spl] not found for 'COPY'")


Google doesn't turn up anything of much use when searching for "spin550.spl," and so I'm posting here for suggestions as my mind's numb after trying to get this damn thing working for so long.

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The readme states that "SCS is compatible with BG1Tutu with or without Tales of the Sword Coast. (I believe it's compatible with both the SoA and ToB versions of Tutu but I've only tested it with the ToB version)."


So I would say that TotSC isn't required but ToB might be required.

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Am I able to get any type of confirmation from someone that has SCS working *without* ToB?


Will be frustrating if I have to blow 20$ on two old expansions simply because they're not sold separately on any type of digital distribution and buying used from someplace like Amazon throws in shipping expenses (Shipping alone puts me at 40% of the GoG cost).

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