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[IWD2] New interface for 1920x1200 and others resolutions


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Good morning,


I'v made some graphical modifications that aims to redo the IWD2's main game GUI, modified by Widescreen, wich are not centered, and display black bars.


These modifications have been made for those resolutions :

edited 01.04.2013

  • 1280x720
  • 1280x800
  • 1280x960
  • 1280x1024

  • 1360x768

  • 1440x900

  • 1600x900
  • 1600x1200

  • 1680x1050

  • 1920x1080
  • 1920x1200

You can download this file at this page of my french blog "Retour à Havredest".





... and after


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This looks great, well done! :) Is there any chance you could release a version for 1680x1050?


Also, how easy would it be to provide an alternative with a different style of fill-up-the-black-areas graphics than what you've used? No offense, I think it looks nice, but I would prefer something a bit closer to the games original interface style myself. And I wouldn't mind creating those graphics for you either, if you tell me what you'd need and in which dimensions, etc. :) I'm pretty handy with photoshop, but have no experience whatsoever with the technical side of IE modding...

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Is there any chance you could release a version for 1680x1050?

Sorry, not for the moment, because you're the only one who want that version, and it takes some time to be done. Perhaps if there is more demands ?


If you wish to create your own version or just modify the files, it's not too difficult. You only have to convert the .mos files with Mosworkshop to the format of your choice, like .bmp or .jpg. Then you'll can work them with Photoshop. I suggest you to place all the files in different layers in one file : so you can easily adjust them. Once your job is finished, you can reopen Mosworkshop and do the same in the other side, and put your new .mos files in the folder "override".

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Thank you for your compliments - and i'm glad to see that this mod is useful to some people.


physicalist :

Maybe you want to consider putting it on one of the Infinity-centered sites so that it doesn't just disappear at some time in the future?


I hope that my blog will not soon going to break down, by the way, i'm going to think about it.

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Just a small update to the setup.exe, which now supports English, since, as it seems, a certain number of people (several hundred million at last count) used to practice this language, and encounter some difficulties with French. :ph34r:

You can download this latest version here.

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