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Linux: Mouse captured in frame in fullscreen mode


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Hi there,


I'm a new user of GemRB and I experience some problems playing Baldur's Gate I (with no Add-on). When in fullscreen mode I can't move the mouse pointer to the right or the lower edge of the screen. It seems there is an invisible frontier for it. At the right edge this limitation is exactly the boundary of the character selection menu bar, the lower limitation has about the same width. Thus, I can't move the screen in these directions and playing the game is impossible.


I don't have this issue when not playing in fullscreen, but then the screen is very small.


Does anybody have a clue how I can get rid of this phenomenon?


Some background info: I'm using

- Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity

- GemRB 0.7.0

- Screen resolution 1024x768, game resolution 640x480


Thanks a lot in advance

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