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Bug - Tutu Cattack the Hobgoblin's Friends Not Attacking


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I want to report a bug in my Tutu game. My dialogue with Cattack the Hobgoblin (encountered in the middle of the Beregost Temple area; he's with the Chill and demands you pay him gold and iron) proceeds fine; but once the dialogue is finished his Chill Hobgoblin friends never go hostile, they just stand around and ignore me while I kill Cattack. Cattack's dialogue file end node (_CATTAC.dlg) shows the following Action:





Now, I guess the shout is supposed to be picked up by the Heard() of the surrounding hobgoblins, but it never is. Cattack's scripts include only _HOBGOBH (shouts only), _INITDLG, _TASIGHT.


Has anyone else encountered this bug? I was trying to repair it myself, but I'm stumped.


Here's my install order for my BGTutu:

  • EasyTutu
  • EasyTutu Degreenifier
  • TutuFix
  • Baldur’s Gate Mini Mods & Encounters (all)
  • Sirine’s Call Quest for Tutu
  • BG1 Unfinished Business (all)
  • Improved BAMs
  • BG2 Tweakpack
  • EasyTutu Spawn Randomizer
  • Widescreen Mod
  • Sword Coast Stratagems

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Check _BHOBGOB.CRE, they should have the script _BANDIT3 assigned. If they don't, that is the problem. The bug itself has been reported a couple of times in the SCS forum, but it appears to have slipped between the cracks, or something else is wrong.

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I checked the creature file and _BANDIT3 script is not being assigned. Here are the scripts being assigned to this creature:


Override: DW#BANDF



Default: _DASIGHT


I checked _BANDIT3 script and it indeed has the "cattack" variable being checked there. Thanks for the replies. At least I can fix my own game.

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