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Voice acting for mods


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Hey there guys,


I'm dropping by to leave a small offer :) I love you all for creating mods to my most beloved game and I would be happy to help with voice acting for them mods. If you know of any mod that is in need of female voice acting/are a creator of one, feel free to contact me or send the modder to me!


You can hear some samples of my voice here or on the other demo reel on my youtube profile.




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Oohh...very nice. You put quite a bit of effort into this. The accent adds an exotic flavour, as well...

I'm definitely going to need a number of female voices for my Soul Exchange mod.

I think I'm going to send a PM your way~


I've been doing voice overs for various projects before, this reel is just the lines I've had recorded previously sticked together and some background music added :) Not that much effort there.

Just so you know, I can't speak without this accent, I can only make it more prominent :p

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