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BG1TOTSC bug reports


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looks offline to me :(


Can't talk to Charleston Nib for example...


Debugdump of Actor Charleston Nib (Charleston Nib, Charleston Nib):

Scripts: digshout <none> <none> <none> charlstn <none> <none>

wtrunsgt Area: ar4101 Dialog: CHARLE


After importing default multi character his class is-


How dare you enter my room? Perish at now!*/Thief




Also you can't talk to chanting mages in Candlekeep, their

sounds are missing too.




PS. My rough translation.


PS2. No mods, BG1TOTSC, GemRB-git, widescreenmod, TWM_GUI

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Thanks for reply, my original question should be- where I should be reporting such things? There is a lot of minor

rough edges ones, and some more substantial, and I don't know what reports are desired and what not.


Any chance of centralised bug tracking?


e.g. While editing Baldur.ini works, changing options in game does not. There is no arrow pointing in direction of

actor if hovering above portrait.






Is this where I should look?

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if you plan to do many, best to report them on the wiki todo page, called todo. Most stuff is noted there.


Should I register myself on the wiki and just edit page?


[AnimationFactory/ERROR]: AnimationFactory cemf1g1 has refcount 10

[AnimationFactory/ERROR]: AnimationFactory ceff1g1 has refcount 10

[AnimationFactory/ERROR]: AnimationFactory chmt1g1 has refcount 10

[AnimationFactory/ERROR]: AnimationFactory chmw1g1 has refcount 10

[AnimationFactory/ERROR]: AnimationFactory cimf1g1 has refcount 8

[AnimationFactory/ERROR]: AnimationFactory nsimhg1 has refcount 54

[AnimationFactory/ERROR]: AnimationFactory nsimhg1e has refcount 34

[AnimationFactory/ERROR]: AnimationFactory uelm1g1 has refcount 13

[AnimationFactory/ERROR]: AnimationFactory uelm1g1e has refcount 29


Also, XP ceiling is <2750000 (you can't level above 18 for fighter

for example.) If it is essentially uncapped, maybe make it 3750000?

That way, all classes could level up to 20, highest in traditional

AD&D 2nd edition and Baldur's Gate 1 world.

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