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Hello to this wonderful community,


I have a specific question about the component "[The BG1 NPC Project: Player-Initiated Dialogues]"

I have read the readme and I understand the string fixer part but I'm still confused about the rest, about the forcetalk options.


What are these forcetalk options?

Is it a cheat?? Does it force an NPC into a romance? (even if it's not possible) or force him to talk about something he doesn't want to?


How does it work?


Does a "normal" game need that component?


If someone could explain to me, I would be much grateful.

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It just means you can start a conversation with your party members, i.e. the PC can chat up Imoen or Minsc or whomever. It's called force-talk because when you normally when you click on a party member they get selected--to get a force-talk you have to select player1, click the talk icon, and then select a party member.

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