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Does vanilla BG1 Imoen have any dialog at all?


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Asking here since you guys are experts at banters.


I understand that BG2 Imoen was supposed to gone, but playing bg1 now and she is just as silent?? what gives. She isnt even listed in interact blah files as an entity. Is there a hidden vanilla script which causes her to come alive and im missing it? Cause she really has nothing, i thought Imoen was a normal NPC in the first game. Thanks



How does bg1npc correct the issue?

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Nope - in the original, she doesn't even get a banter file.


BG1NPC builds a new one, sets her up with banters interjections and talks, and makes sure she is on the same level as BG2 Jaheira (basically) in terms of talky-ness.


Basically, inter-party dialog in BG was a very minor sideline. All the NPCs had very little to say. This mod changes that. Significantly.

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Thanks!. What also gets me is that in the "canon" party, looking at the banter file, almost everyone compliments Khalid. It really is a bit weird. :D considering Khalid isnt exactly the most charismatic person on Earth and everyone acts like he is the next Jesus incarnation.



D*mn this girl :| Bioware really trolled here hard. Up to the download section with me. You are the ones who should make BG:EE tbh.


On a related note! installing BG2tweak happy patch caused BGT Viconia to not leave after a complaint but the reputation gone up by +2 anyways. (although i did install this tweak separately, maybe thats the problem)


edit: false alarm the problem was a mod called "Bg1 NPC at the beginning" relocating npc's closer to the beginning, looks like it messed up some scripts. Guess i dont need it any more.

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