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Adding Transition


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Can I add transition to an area using "WeiDU" or I have to overwrite the-already-existing area in the override directory ?
Yes, there's already a tutorial of it here... but I have never use it, you'll have to ask help from someone else.

There might also be better once (less code usage), but I failed to find one that I would remember.


The Weidu.exe also carries on it's own macros that can be used for this purpose, but you might get lost to the info load out on that... you might want to search a mod that does this for the actual code insert, or someone can copy the code, they know how to use, from a mod for your usage, but you might help yourself by giving more info... to what area you want to add the transition trigger and where you want to go, yes the ***.are's "***" 8 symbol name. Yes it's your creation, but anyways.

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