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EDIT:All the parts that we wanted to have voiced have been filled. We wish to thank all brave volunteers, your offers to help were very much appreciated.


Amber is an upcoming tiefling rogue NPC for BG2. Armed with interesting and copious dialogue, this mod comes with three mini-quests and a set of intriguing supporting NPCs.


The project is not at the stage where we would like to start working on the voicing. All of the material for the supporting NPCs is finished, while Amber herself is still missing some finishing touches. However, since the voicing is bound to take its time and Amber's role is the most vital, we are putting out the call for her voice as well.


Here's a list of characters looking forward to be voiced:




For our main character, Amber, your voice is ideally 'low and deep, yet not harsh', pleasant and soft. But unless your voice is really high pitched, we will naturally consider all offers. Amber has quite a lot of dialogue in her SoA portion alone (not all of which will of course be voiced), so you will need to reserve some time for it. Additionally, it would be good if you would be able to stick around for later ToB-content.


Amber's description can be found here.




A smaller voice part is available for the half-elven non-party NPC Lorraine. She has about a couple of dozen voiced lines, many of them quite emotional. She is in her late thirties or early forties in human years, so a mature voice would be a definite bonus.


Lorraine's description:


One could easily describe Lorraine with three words: honour, duty and love. As a seasoned ranger and a faithful follower of Lady of the Forest, Mielikki, this half-elf has seen much, both joy and sorrow. Lorraine's human forefathers hail from the faraway continent of Kara-Tur and she prizes her son above anything else on Faerun; perhaps even above her goddess.




We are also in need of voice for the ghost of a young boy ,who was perhaps of eight to twelve years of age when he died. The ghost has only about six voiced lines as it is.


Ghost boy's description:


The ghost boy is the trapped spirit of a young boy. However, death has cast upon him a certain wisdom and maturity beyond his years.




Last but not least there is a librarian Imp called Gabriel. He has a habit of rambling a bit, and has around eight voiced lines planned.


Gabriel's description:


Gabriel is a dutiful imp, whose master does not let him out much. The imp's patience might be limitless when it comes to following his master's commands, but Gabriel is pretty lonely and probably talks to himself a lot when alone. He's quite obsessed with the tidiness of his master's library.




Interested souls can contact us by sending e-mail to amber(at)mbnet.fi or sending a PM to Meira. Feel free to post any questions here, too.


For more information about the Amber NPC mod, click here:


Amber's homepage



Meira & Darios

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Updated. We are still looking an actor for the ghost boy (for less than ten lines). Also if you're a female that might be able to mimic boyish voice, please step forward.

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I'm afraid the answer is same as with translating Amber mod. Not much point doing that before public release, as things may (an most likely will) still keep changing. Especially now that we are adding Ambe'rs voicing. Stuff that looks good written does not necessarily work when spoken. :down:


Also getting the voicing done has been such a pain in the butt that I'm not sure I'd like to do again in language entirely unknown to me. :down:


Thank you for the offer though, it's very kind of you. :devil:

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Eek!  Sorry to have been a pain in the butt.  :down:


Not you! :devil: I meant the whole process that has been going on well over a year now. Ultimately you were the relief for that pain... :down:


Mainly that uneasiness in the voicing process has been my own doing. I've set very high expectations for a huge amount of work that someone is supposed to do for nothing but gratitude and little fame. :)


EDIT: Grammatical corrections

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Updated. We are still looking an actor for the ghost boy (for less than ten lines). Also if you're a female that might be able to mimic boyish voice, please step forward.


I've e-mailed you a slightly altered voice clip for this. It's not great, but I thought I'd make the offer.

Thank you. I try to find the time to listen them tonight. :down:

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