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Wrong Race/Class types for creatures

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While browsing through a couple of creature files, I have found several monsters which have been assigned wrong or ambiguous class/race types.


The Elemental Prince of Air, Yan-C-Bin (elemyanc.cre and finsol02.cre), and the Elemental Prince of Ice, Cryonax (finsol03.cre), are both specified as class type ELEMENTAL_EARTH. That may cause problems, for example, for spells or magical items which target certain types of elementals.

At any rate, a more fitting class for Yan-C-Bin would be ELEMENTAL_AIR. There is no water elemental class, so I don't know which type would work best for Cryonax (maybe NO_CLASS?).


There is also the Fallen Solar (fangel01.cre and finsol04.cre) which is specified as race type DEMONIC. I think ANTISOLAR would be more fitting, although DEMONIC isn't completely wrong either.

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I haven't researched many mods yet, but I am working on a mod which provides spells to target certain types of elementals. I don't think it's a big deal, as the class/race types can be patched very easily, however a central place to fix those issues would be preferable.


Another matter, especially concerning the Fallen Solar and the like, is how spells or scripts from mods or the game itself would be affected by the change.

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