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Dual-wielding correction.


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In the index thread it mentions aVENGER's Rogue Rebalancing correcting dual-wielding. If this is to do with thieves should be able to get 3 stars, then this is my code from Song and Silence.


It also changes the Swashbuckler description to reflect that 3 stars is no longer unique to them:


//Allow thieves 3 points in dual wielding
 SET_2DA_ENTRY 31 6 10 ~3~ //Thief
 SET_2DA_ENTRY 31 34 10 ~3~//Assassin
 SET_2DA_ENTRY 31 35 10 ~3~//Bounty hunter
 SET_2DA_ENTRY 31 36 10 ~3~//Swashbuckler

//Swashbuckler description change
REPLACE ~25216~ ~SWASHBUCKLER: This rogue is part acrobat, part swordsman and part wit: the epitome of charm and grace.

-  Bonus +1 to AC.
-  He gains another +1 bonus to his armor class every 5 levels.
-  He gains +1 to hit and damage every 5 levels.
-  He can specialize in any melee weapon that a thief can use.

-  No backstab multiplier~

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Cam: there is 1 day's work then :)http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?act=ST&f=75&t=2502

I think that's one of those 'this is how it was in PnP' things which is not really a fix. That Bioware listed three stars as a kit advantage would imply that not having three stars in DW was intended.

Despite what thief-advocates (including myself) would argue. :)

What was the dual-wield thing alluded to in the bug list then?

Which list? Some of those are confirmed, and some are just reported and not confirmed as bugs.

And sorry for the confusion, we should probably clear this up before we get started. ;)

Oh, shit, I see.

I mentioned it explicitly! Gah, that'w what I get for a copy-paste of a thread I wrote a long time ago.


Sorry about that. While I would like to see it fixed, I don't think it's a bug and therefore beyond the purview of the project. Despite my slopping c-p.

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