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Fixed SoA Worldmap


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A single file, worldmap.wmp, uploaded to the copy folder. The list of issues is just a copy-paste from my initial bug report on the Baldurdash forum.



OK, I've been cruising through the world map and have noted many, many problems with travel times. Bear with me, there's quite a few:


There are several areas with multiple links to other areas with inconsistent travel times.

- The Slums district AR0400 has two links to the Government district AR1000, one of 0 hours and another of 4 hours (0 is correct).

- de'Arnise Hold AR1300 (before TorGal defeated) has travel times to Umar Hills AR1100 of 4 and 12 hours, travel times to Temple Ruins AR1400 (pre-shade lord defeat) of 4 and 12 hours, and travel times to Temple Ruins AR1404 (post-Shade Lord defeat) of 4 and 12 hours. 12 hours is correct in all cases.


The de'Arnise Hold has different travel times and links before and after you beat TorGal.

Before TorGal, it is AR1300 and has 12 hour links to the Umar Hills AR1100 and Trademeet AR2000, 16 hours to the Windspear Hills AR1200 (more about this in weird stuff, below), and 20 hours to the City Gates AR0020. After Torgal is defeated it becomes AR1304, which has a 12 hour link to Umar Hills AR1100 (same), 8 hour links to City Gates AR0020 (previously 20) and Windspear Hills AR1200 (previously 16). It is lacking the previous 20 hour link to Trademeet AR2000. Travel time to Trademeet remains 20 hours, though, because you travel 12 to Windspear and then 8 to Trademeet.


The Temple Ruins is another area that changes after you defeat the Shade Lord, and shares many of the same problems as the de'Arnise Hold.

Before the Shade Lord's defeat, it is AR1400 and has a 12 hour link to the Umar Hills AR1100 and a 24 hour link to the City Gates AR0020. After the Shade Lord's defeat , it becomes AR1404. The Umar Hills link remains correct, but the City Gates are now only 16 hours away. On top of that, City Gates AR0020 to before and after Temple Ruins AR1400 and AR1404 is 20 hours.


Many areas have inconsistent one-way travel times.

- City Gates AR0020 to Umar Hills is 20 hours, return trip is 24. If you have completed the de'Arnise Hold, this seems like it's only a 20 hour journey, as you go 12 hours to the Keep AR1304 and then 8 hours to the City Gates AR0020. If the Keep to City Gates route is fixed, then this will need to be fixed as well.

- City Gates AR0020 to Windspear AR1200 is 20 hours, return is 24. This also is masked by the buggy de'Arnise AR1304 to City Gates bug mentioned above.

- City Gates AR0020 to Druid Grove AR1900 is 24 hours, return trip is only 20.

- City Gates AR0020 to Trademeet AR2000 is 20 hours, return is 16.

- City Gates AR0020 to pre-Shade Lord Temple Ruins AR1400 is 20 hours, return is 24.

- City Gates AR0020 to post-Shade Lord Temple Ruins AR1404 is 20 hours, return is 16.

- Trademeet AR2000 to Windspear AR1200 is 4 hours, return is 12.

- Underdark Exit AR2500 to Small Teeth Pass AR1700 is 4 hours, return is 8.

- Windspear AR1200 to post-Torgal de'Arnise Hold AR1304 is 12 hours, return is 8. There are additional problems with the pre-Torgal Hold AR1300 to Windspear trip in weird stuff, below.


Many areas miss reciprocal travel links, causing inconsistent travel times.

- City Gates AR0020 has a 20 hour link to the Small Teeth Pass AR1700, but there is no return link. Small Teeth to City Gates is 24 (8 to Underdark Exit AR2500 plus 16 to Gates). Small Teeth to Underdark Exit should only be 4 hours anyway, as noted above.

- Forest of Tethir AR2600 to Small Teeth Pass AR1700 is 8 hours, no return link. Small Teeth to Forest of Tethir is 16 hours (8 to North Forest AR1800 plus 8 to Forest of Tethir).

- North Forest AR1800 to Forest of Tethir AR2600 is 8 hours, no return link. Forest of Tethir to North Forest is 16 hours (8 to Small Teeth Pass AR1700 plus 8 to North Forest).


Weird stuff, need help to explain.

The link between the pre-Torgal de'Arnise Keep AR1300 and Windspear AR1200 is 16 hours and the return is 12. However, if Umar Hills AR100 is on your world map, the travel time from de'Arnise to Windspear jumps to 20 hours, as it forces you to go 12 hours to Umar and then 8 to Windspear. Windspear to de'Arnise remains unchanged. :huh:


Other proposed changes

It seems that travel times were laid out roughly by distance. Do we want to make additional "common sense" changes? For example, the trip from Trademeet to the Forest of Tethir is 52 hours, despite a fairly close proximity on the map. Trips from Athkatla to the de'Arnise Hold and Windspear are the same, despite de'Arnise being much closer on the map. I'm always wary of such changes, as "common sense" varies wildly from one person to another, and I'd hate to make inadvertent changes to game balance or quests. Feedback is appreciated.

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Common sense tweaks to time and so on are ok in my book. :)


One question... Is it possible/feasible to shift some of the positions of places on the world map? I don't recall offhand but a couple of them were in slightly screwy locations. Shifting a few dozen pixels might fix it.

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