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FINALLY got this to work on Galaxy Note 2! Now a question....


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After spending countless hours on this, I finally have BG2 running on my Note 2. (I've given up on Torment :) For any android users having problems, post here.. as I encountered every known issue and found a fix.


Can i swap save files back and forth between my sd card and pc? Both the gemrb and pc install are running at the same resolution (1280x720). Just curious, as this would be easier for me to play on my desktop when I'm home and then take the same saved game with me to play wherever.


And a big thanks to the whole team here for making this. It was one of the main reasons I wanted the Note 2 and I couldnt be happier with it.

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I am also now experiencing the trap crash. I downloaded gemrb just the other day from Google play store, so I didn't realize I was getting an outdated version. How can I update to the newest version? Will I lose my saved game?


Didn't want to start a new topic for this, but if anyone is reading this.. help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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When I open the GEMRB 7.0.2 folder on my desktop... i get a whole bunch of different files and folders. Not sure if I should move everything over and/or run the gemrb.exe or if there is another method. I'm really not that computer savvy so this is difficult for me. Does 7.0.2 even work on android? Ive read conflicting things on the forum...

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