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Level Drain screws up XP*() triggers


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It just happened in a test play for my mod. After my character had been level drained by a Vampiric Mist, the XPGT() trigger in one of my scripts triggered several times, indicating that my character is now supposed to have over 2.5M XP. The character was a fighter at lvl. 13 (1.25M XP) dual-classed to a thief at currently 100k XP.


I'm not sure if the trigger malfunctioned because the character was dual-classed or if it always happens.



EDIT: It seems to happen only for dual-classed characters. The higher the XP of the first class, the more off the mark are the XP*() triggers when level drained.

This is just a wild guess, but it appears as if the trigger simply multiplies the XP amount of the first class by 2 and compares the result with the specified argument.

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