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The dragonlance total conversion editor pro does not work natively on any platform other than windows, and neither does WeiDU. Would it be possible to manipulate chitin.key, dialog.tlk, *.bam, *.are, *.chu, *.WED, *.gam, *.cre files using more cross-platform tools? Do such tools exist?


Would it perhaps be a bad idea to introduce our own file formats into the mixture?

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Weidu works natively on all the major platforms. It is a great tool for modifying stuff in a comparable way, but I doubt it has much of a use for creating things from scratch. ieshell is as portable as python, but pretty incomplete and more in line with weidu. NearInfinity is as portable as java and probably better for creating stuff than any of the previous contenders. DLTCEP works good enough with wine and is the best, supporting also gemrb extensions. There's a bunch of other editors for subtasks, but most, if not all, are windows executables.


For new datasets, new file formats are not an issue at all. Eg. you can use pngs and oggs and with minor changes to the vlc plugin, any (multi)media type for aural and moving visual pleasures.

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somebody could make some IE grammars for Synalyze pretty easy. it already has one I made for BAMs, but obviously not very helpful for that particular format. it would be pretty trivial to make grammars for formats that would be more adept to editing in Synalyze.


NI is the only existing x-platform GUI tool afik.

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