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Why would area ambient sound/music suddenly stop?


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I've had this issue while testing Sellswords mod, and I've another report that confirms it. During dialogue, or just when setting the game on pause, the area's ambient sound and/or area music suddenly stop.


It happened in the mod-added area only. Looks like an area bug. I've never experienced it in my unmodded game. I've googled the issue, haven't found anything.


Have you experienced anything similar? Maybe there's a solution.

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This is probably it! But I'm not sure how to edit it. Where exactly would I find this flag?


When I open O#L001.are in Near Infinity, I see flags Enabled(0), Point Sound(1), Main Ambient(2). When I open it in DLTC, I can see Flags=7(to be truthful, I just copied this stuff from AR2200).

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