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The following mods have been updated recently:

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Sorcerer's Place Collection is now at v2.

  • Sorcerer's Place Collection - v2
    - Changed to integer numberng system--future versions of the mod will be v3, v4, etc.
    - Fixed issues with the Archer of Sylvanus being able to use bows and arrows.
    - The items in Creslyn's Item Pack will now appear inline in a store's inventory rather than at the top.
    - Items in Creslyn's Item Pack will also detect kit components better and adjust accordingly.

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Caedwyr has updated P&P Celestials to v2.

  • P&P Celestials - v2
    - Added new scripts for the celestials courtesy of Galactygon
    - Added new spell graphics for Dimensional Door and Anti-Magic Shell courtesy of Galctygon.
    - Made some small modifications to the functional properties of Anti-Magic Shell. It now protects from more and disables all of the correct buttons.
    - Added a French translation by Mathrim Cauthon

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We're pleased to announce three new mini-mods as part of our 8-mod anniversary barrage.


Moinesse's Avatars - v1


This WeiDU mod contains a series of new avatars and paperdolls for BG2. Avatars are the graphics of your characters as they walk around the game world and paperdolls are the graphics that show on the inventory screen.


Plasmocat's Portrait Pack - v1


This WeiDU mod provides a wide variety of ethnic portraits for the Baldur's Gate II protagonist and also alternative portraits for 13 of the joinable NPCs.


Shards of Ice - v1


Icelus' little WeiDU collection of miscellany. From ice: "The two quests really aren't all that bad. Not really. Well, not too much. If you install the Summon Cow spell restoration component, however, you should be ashamed of yourself. Really."

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