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Every Mod and Dog (EMaD) is a WeiDU-based mod that adds a selection of small diversions and sidequests to Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. Its major aim is to recapture some of the more buoyant and adventurous spirit that was found in the original Baldur's Gate. Version 7 fixes some bugs with the Promise of a Troll quest.

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Version 4 of the Geomantic Sorcerer Now Available


The Geomantic Sorcerer Kit is strongly based on the Druidic Sorcerer Kit by Constant Gaw, and resurrected by hlidskialf and loosely based on the Geomancer presitige class from the AD&D 3rd Edition Masters of the Wild manual. The kit combines the sorcerer's spellcasting methods and spells with additional druidic spells and abilities and features its own unique tiered HLA progression and custom spells. Version 4 adds a French translation by Zooloo of the d'Oghmatiques.

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Sorcerer's Place Collection v10 Released


This collection of kits and an item pack from Sorcerer's Place has a new Russian translation, thanks to subzero400, and an updated French translation courtesy of the d'Oghmatiques. A few more compatibility updates for BGEE round out the updates in v10. The mods in this collection were originally in an older, harder-to-install format until CamDawg converted them to use a WeiDU installer. Item restrictions are applied dynamically, meaning that the item restrictions for the Arcane Fist and Archer of Sylvanus kits will be implemented across all items in the game, including those added or altered by other mods. Polar Bear, Drizzt1180, and Creslyn wrote the original content.


Relevant links:

v10 changelog:

  • Added Russian translation (thanks subzero400)
  • Updated French translation (thanks to the d'Oghmatiques)
  • BGEE softcodes a lot of kit aspects, which were not being accounted for. This is now addressed.
  • Prepped Creslyn's Item Pack so that it'll work when BG2EE is released

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berelinde's Keldorn Romance is now available from the official download section. This mod introduces a romance for the original BioWare NPC Keldorn. It is compatible with all BGII games: original BGII, BGII:EE, BGT, and EET.

He's loyal. He's brave. He's... single?

Life is an uncertain thing, and changes come when we least expect them.

This mod offers a chance to romance Athkatla's newest... and most reluctant... bachelor. All relationships take work, and this one takes more than most, but the rewards are great, for those patient enough to endure the trials.

This romance is not for everyone. It is certainly not a romance for the hasty. When it begins, Keldorn is grieving after the collapse of his 20-year marriage, and it takes him a long, long time to recover. It deals with mature themes, the real consequences of rejection and recovery, and some players may not want to go through all that, no matter how devoted the would-be love interest becomes in Throne of Bhaal. It is also very, very long, with 35+ talks in Shadows of Amn, though the talks are spaced more closely together to compensate for this.

To begin the Keldorn Romance, you must allow Keldorn and Maria to reconcile. He will only consider himself free if his marriage to Maria is legally ended, and imprisoning Maria will only separate them, not divorce them. Also, Maria's incarceration might present childcare issues that would be impossible to overcome.

The mod also features a quest for all PCs, romanced or not, though that, too, requires a reconcilliation between Keldorn and Maria.

Official Discussion Thread
Download berelinde's Keldorn Romance

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Thank you CamDawg for including Polish translation for both mods! Minor nitpick though, my nickname is Cahir not Chair. Appreciate if you could correct it in Readme :) Thanks in advance and keep up the splendid job!

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Welp, that's on me. Aedan sent it over with your name misspelled as 'Chair', but I should have put two and two together and realized it was you. You've certainly done enough translations for me!


I'll get it corrected and repackage both. Sorry about that!


edit: And the new packages are up!

Edited by CamDawg
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Two new updates:


Shards of Ice is now at v6:

  • Updated Italian translation
  • Added EE compatibility
  • Summon Cow will no longer crash the game if clicked in the memorization screen
  • For compatibility the Lucy dialogue for the Summon Cow component will now add to the existing Lucy dialogue instead of creating its own

P&P Celestials is now at v7:

  • Added Italian translation
  • Fixed systematic bug where several at-will abilities were not being refreshed
  • Weapons of the Monadic Deva and Planetar now show and are labeled properly
  • Fixed weird feedback that would accompany hits from various celestial weapons
  • Due to a typo, planetars were not receiving their movement speed increase
  • Fixed bug where planetars would some times not have a proper name assigned
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