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Animal Rage


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I'm curious about this spell. The description says : He or she can be controlled normally unless enemies are within sight, at which time the target immediately attacks in melee.... - does this mean spell target attacks only enemies, and cannot be controled?

There's a 5% chance that the target goes Berserk, attacking friend and foe alike. - via NI I couldn't find anything related to this.



I tried the spell out in game. It doesn't work as per description - target can always be controlled normally, even when enemies are around and doesn't go berserk.

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Animal Rage is one of the ones that can't really be converted well, since it used its own custom opcode in IWD. The description is still the IWD one--at present it does everything except the berserking while I figure out some way to make that happen.

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You might want to check out Kit Revisions here. Berserker kit has a chance to go "berserk" so that might be of help for this spell. However, I don't think it's possible to make him "attack in melee immediately" and still "keep control". It's all or nothing, either full berserk like Minsc or fully controlable.

Is it possible, perhaps, to import that IWD custom opcode to BG2?

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Yeah, the 5% chance/round to go berserk is the easy bit. The melee attack could also be done using the dplayer scripts, but it'll fail if party AI is turned off, which is why I'm looking for a better solution.


Importing opcodes is kind of beyond what we can as modders--Ascension might be able to work some magic with TobEx, but I'm pretty sure we're limited there as well.

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