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AR1800 blanking and maybe an install order warning

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Hi, guys!


I don't know if WEIDU has a PRETTY_PRINT_ABOUT_INSTALL_ORDER_BECAUSE_ITS_THE_FIXPACK command, but I'm seriously thinking everyone will be much better off if such note appears right before the user presses "i" next to "Core fixes".


Because not all users don't know about install orders: some just download mods they know to be safe, click on "Yes" and enjoy their game.


And then they find out that AR1800's been blanked and Xan's quest no longer works. And I have to type this post instead of watching another Sheldon's meltdown with a melon. Which doesn't help.


So, please, make me and these players happy - write something about the install order before the first component in the next version. Please?


Of course, I'm also thinking that it's 2013 where COPY_EXISTING ~ar0512.bcs~ ~override/ar1800.bcs~ and COMPILE ~bg2fixpack/compile/ar0512.baf~ just looks old. And AR1800.baf just had one small block!

Big World Fixpack guys use something like "+" and "-" for each line - won't it be better? Replace_Textually? Anything?

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