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How do you see epilogues in the files section?


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Hi I was wondering how do you see the epilogue files? I've tried notepad but it doesn't seem to come up with anything. The reason why I'm asking is that I played through the game again with a different party and the same thing happened with the Final Boss where the characters completely disappeared, portrait and all so after trying heck knows how many times I've decided to throw in the towel and ask how to view each characters epilogueXD;;

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Hi, could you clarify a little what exactly is not working for you to open the d files? Or you can't find the file with the epilogues?


SorryXD;;; anyway what I meant was that l couldn't find the file with the epilogues, I could open the files d,d1, and d2 fine, but I figured that they would be separated from the d files, sorry I probably should have stated it more clearlyXD;;

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Notepad will work, if you open p#pid.d from d3 folder and search for



But please be warned that you will get spoiled for all epilogues, even those you don't want to read.


Thank you for telling meXD I've played with most of the characters so I was able to read the most likely of the choices I had pickedXD

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