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I'll post feedback here since I don't have an account over at mod's home forum.

First and foremost, I usually hesitate to install any quest-like mod for several reasons - either it unbalances the game, sometimes it feels horribly out of place for BG2 setting, or is just bugged and non-playable.

Anyhow, since I like "Xan NPC" from the same author, I decided to install this "little" mod (zipped, it has 736kb).

Played the game as usual, rescued Imoen and started the quest at level 16.

Dialogues - incredible. Immersion factor surpassed my expectations from this mod by such a large margin. Some are just funny, some rahter serious, some have unforgettable lines along vanilla Minsc (I had both Imoen and Xan with me.....Yay for CC! :D "Only 2 words...." - hilarious. )

The expansion itself does feel a bit "modded in", it does not "blend" in vanilla game that much (mostly due to a relatively big number of small quests in a small area such as Brynllaw), but considering how good and bug-free it is that's easilly overlooked.

Features a lot of NPC-NPC dialogue (I so rarely see this, and love it. Makes the place feel much more "alive")

I guess battles there depend on AI enhacing mod (SCS in my case) so they were hard, but considering that it's a late-game add-on nothing too difficult (ok, I did reload several times but mostly due to not preparing). Total playing time was in between 2, 3 hours, maybe more....can't say exactly since I got so involved in playing it I didn't pay attention to time.

You know that feeling "I'll quit the game after I finish this little side-quest, I promise!" - this was very prominent. Needless to say, i finished it in one go. :D

Characters involved are quite likable, even some are plain bastards....they somehow get under your skin. Kind of like Korgan - he may be evil and all, but he has the same quality (relatively speeking).

In the same install, I also have Sellswords but now given SCS24 is out (hooray! bye-bye SCS1 and SCS2!) I have to re-install everything and will (hopefully) get to play it in next few days. If it is as half as good as BtB, it will be a blast.

For ending, thank you for an exellent mod. I had great fun playing it and actually reading dialogues (which I can say for very few quest mods). Does "break the 4th wall" a bit, but it's very charming and the love and devotion implemented in making clearly shows out.

Highly recommended. From now on, core.

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You're very welcome. Does it mock Improved Anvil as well? There is a line about ADHWs (I don't want to spoil more, hope you know what I'm talking about - "2 words...") but it reminded me very much on that mod.

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