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Mobs Dont Attack Summoned Demons


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Hello everyone;


I just installed scs 2 with all ai and tactics enchantment options. The problem is when i summon demons noone attacks them although it attacks everything. I go invisible or go line of sight from mobs to make them attack demon but they just stands still doing nothing.


Is there any fix for this?



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I can confirm that this is not a problem with aTweak's summoned fiends, I never tried the regular summoned fiends with SCS.


I'm guessing enemies are failing to detect the summoned fiends as [GOODCUTOFF] do you by any chance have the old Tactics mod installed? I remember this changes the way summoned demons are flagged.

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My installed modes are tobex latest version, ascension, bg2 fixpack and scs 2 v21. Didnt install tactics mod. I checked the allegiance of demons they are flagged as goodbutred but noone attacks them. I change it to goodcutoff but still nothing happens.

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I just spawned "ENDDEM01", an unused creature from vanilla with allegiance GOODBUTRED, SCS enemies attacked it (as they should).


Can you try the same thing? If they attack it, it's most probably a specific issue with summoned demons being un-attackable rather than SCS scripts.

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