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Need Input on BG2 Multi-Mod Install Order


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I've previously played BG1 and BG2 numerous times before, including BG2 with many, many mods added. Haven't played, though for about seven years. Recently got interested in playing again, so tried BG-EE, which was fun. Now I'd like to re-try the original BG2 (not the upcoming BG2-EE), again with lots of mods. (Hope this is the right forum to ask for mod install order advice.)


Well, after all this time gone from BG2, I'm pretty rusty on remembering which mods should be installed first, next, last, etc., so would like to post my prospective mod install list and get your feedback on whether I have them listed in the correct install order.


'm thinking of skipping Shadows over Soubar, The Darkest Day, and Big Picture, since I've previously played them, but am open to advice. Also, I've listed way to many NPC mods, so should probably slim that section down a bit.


Okay attached is my mod list in MS Word format. Please provide me with any advice or feedback you may have.




BG2 Mods 2013 Recommended Install Order.doc

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I've previously played BG1 and BG2 numerous times before, including BG2 with many, many mods added. Haven't played, though for about seven years. Recently got interested in playing again, so tried BG-EE, which was fun. Now I'd like to re-try the original BG2 (not the upcoming BG2-EE), again with lots of mods. (Hope this is the right forum to ask for mod install order advice.).
Well there's the BiG World Project, and it's installation tools, like the BiG World Setup. Use that and you get the very latest "almost stable" free to choose any compilation you wish when you customize the choices.


I didn't look at the -doc file... just cause it's an attached file: Why not set it up like this ?



BG2 ToB – Full

ToB Patch v26498

WeiDU v234 Run this first to update the WeiDU files in other mods

Major Quest Mods

///// Shadows Over Soubar v1.13 Adds new quests and new NPCs (May not use this mod after all)

///// The Darkest Day v1.14 Adds new quests and new NPCs (May not use this mod after all)

///// Big Picture v181 beta v4503 Adds new AI & quests (May not use this mod after all)

Ascension for ToB v1.4.24 Tougher battles at end of ToB (Hard-wired into the Big Picture mod)

Turnabout v1 In final fight in ToB, enables player to recall dead allies to aid in the battle

Redemption v1.2 It is all about Redemption of Jon Irenicus

The Longer Road v1.5.1 You can try to redeem Irenicus

Tortured Souls v6.10 (BP Compatible) Adds new quests and new NPCs

Fixpack Mods

BG2 FixPack v10 This fixes tons of bugs and errors

Big World Fixpack v13.0.5 Fixes bugs related to the major quest mods


Merchant & Item Mods

Bonus Merchants v1 Deidre and Joluv are merchants who sell an assortment of items from IWD & Planescape

IWDification beta 3 Ice Wind Dale spells and items, like 2-handed axes

Freedom’s Reign & Reign of Virtue v7.1 Adds 5 new stores, 80 items & 5 new encounters

Underrepresented Items v6 Adds items from IWD, mostly darts, maces & halberds

Bag Bonus v1.0.4 Adds a potion case and ammo belt to Deidre’s in the Adventurer’s mart

Item Upgrade v40 Allows Cromwell & Cespenar to upgrade more items

Item Pack v1.8 Adds 45 new items, mostly taken from the Icewind Dale series & Planescape: Torment

Magnificent Magic Shop v6 Adds over 20 great new, expensive items & adds three new stores

The Unusual Oddities Shop v3 Adds a very unusual merchant to the Docks district

Sorcerors Place Collection v10 Additional character kits, plus adds new items to the game

Munchmod v3.3 Adds Arkvisti the Peddler, a wandering old elf who travels around Faerun

Stuff of the Magi v4 Adds the Stuff of the Magi to several creatures

Improved Horns of Valhalla v1.3 Improves the Berserkers called by the Horns, and makes them fight berserk

Item Value Tweaks v1 Alters numerous items so they are worth more than zero gold

Craig’s Bottomless Containers v1 Adds a vendor in the Crooked Crane in the City Gates; also sells five scroll cases, one for each color scroll, etc; also sells two bottomless gem bags, an ammo belt & potion case

Exnem Vault v5 Adds new items (but they seem to be really overpowered) (might conflict with TDD)

NPC & Kit Mods

NPC Kitpack v3 Adds new kits for NPC characters

Rogue Rebalancing (v4.63) (Use dual-wield fix only??? - this newer version might be okay to completely use)

BG1 NPCs for SoA & ToB v9 adds majority of NPCs from Baldur's Gate into SoA with new items, quests, banters, etc.

Solaufein v104 A Chaotic (Good/Neutral) Drow fighter/mage who can join your party

Kelsey SoA v2.1 Joinable NPC Character

Kelsey ToB v2.2 Joinable NPC Character

Keto SoA v3 Female Bard

Alassa v2 An evil thief

Alora v1.5 The lovable halfling thief makes a come back in BG2

Amber v4 Chaotic Good Tiefling Fighter-Thief, with a romance

Angelo v4 The fighter-turned-mage who served as your brother's henchman in BG1

Branwen v1 A True Neutral human female, who worships Tempus

Cassius v1.04 One-day NPC

Chloe SoA v1.5 Female kensai NPC, romanceable by human, elven, and half-elven females

Coran v2 Thief, archer and romantic

Fade v3 Female, elf, shadow thief, romanceable

Fonick v1 Four-day NPX, who is a lawful good bard

Ghareth v0.91 One-day NPC

Goo v4 Goo the Disembodied Floating Eyeball

Haldamir v2 Elven fighter

Hessa v1.1 Evil, Half-thief

Hubelpot beta v1.0 Vegetable Merchant

Kiara v1.6 NE Female Human Monk

Kindrek v2.5 A non-romanceable chaotic evil male warrior who hates wizards and magic

Kitanya v6.21 Female, Elf, Chaotic-good, wizard slayer

Kivan v13 Kivan and Deheriana Companions for BG2 (formerly Kivan of Shilmista)

Nathaniel v4.3 A former officer of the Flaming Fist in Baldur's Gate, romanceable

Neh’taniel v5.5 NPC

Saerlith v16 A young paladin of Tyr, friendly, beautiful & romanceable

Tashia v1.3 Female Elven Sorceror

Tsujatha v13 Romanceable by females of the appropriate race and alignment

Valen v45 A Chaotic Evil Vampire fighter/thief who can join your party

Vanim v1.4 Neutral, evil assassin

Xan v11 Depressed Elven Mage - Enchanter

Yasraena v13 Chaotic Good female drow fighter NPC who is trapped in Chateau Irenicus

Yikari v1.7 Lawful Neutral Monk

Banter Packs v13 Adds many NPC banters

Crossmod Banter Pack v14 Adds numerous miscellaneous NPC banters

IEP Extended Banters v4.1 Extended NPC Banters

Imoen Friendship SoA & ToB v2.1 Adds dialogues with Imoen, expanding on her experiences & struggles

Romantic Encounters v7 Additional minor NPC romantic encounters (such as with Minsc)

NPC Flirt Packs v1.02 Add hundreds of lines of text and dialogue to all 4 Bioware romance NPCs

NPC Tweak v5 Tweaks the NPCs Anomen, Cernd and Nalia

Mazzy Friendship SoA & ToB v2.1 Adds Mazzy friendship banters & talks

Viconia Friendship v3.2 Adds Viconia friendship banters & talks

Yoshima Friendship v3 Adds Yoshima friendship banters & talks

De’Arnise Romance v3 Adds Nalia de'Arnise flirts and romance

Song and Silence v5 Adds new kits for Bards & Thieves, and adds a new Bardic/Thief store

Parting Ways v1 Allows you to re-recruit Baldur's Gate NPCs once you kick them out

Pack Mule v1.3a Adds a pack mule to BG2, that follows your party & carries your equipment

BG More Faster Better v1 Increases movement speed for party members wearing boots

gMinion v2 Increases ingame intelligence of the creatures summoned by Spells & Items

eSeries v2 A collection of Party AI Scripts for Baldur's Gate II

Minor Quest Mods

BG2 Unfinished Business v22 Adds new quests (Do not restore minor dialogues)

G3 Anniversary Mod v3 Adds a new quest based on a pub crawl

Every Mod & Dog v7 Adds several new mini-quests and new NPCs

Planar Sphere Mod v2.6 Mini-quests, new spells, and adds a Mage stronghold

Planar Sphere Return v2 Allows player to return to sphere without travel

Jerry Zinger Show v4 Allows PC and companions to take part in the live talk show of Jerry Zinger

Wheels of Prophecy v2 A minor quest (requires BG fixpack)

Redemption v1.2 Allows you to recruit Irenicus at end of ToB

Mordan’s Christmas Minimod v1.0.3 Adds a mini-quest with a player useable item at conclusion

Quest Pack v2.3 Adds new adventures & expands existing quests

Deeper Shadows of Amn v2.2.4 Adds a new quest

Expanded Thief Stronghold v2.20 Adds a Thief stronghold

Tower of Deception v3.2.1 Play the original D&D adventure Tower of Deception in Baldur's Gate 2

Dungeon Crawl v6 Set out on a brand new adventure, staged in four new areas

Battle of Helms Deep v100 This mini-mod is a large, The Lord of the Rings-related battle for BG2

Colours of Infinity Mods v A number of small mods that add mysterious, intriguing and abstract aspects to the game

Fishing for Trouble v2.6 Centers around five completely new major areas throughout the BG2 world

Misc Mods

ToB Extender beta v0026 A dynamic link library (DLL) written in C++ that fixes game engine bugs

Infinity Animations beta v5 Supports a wide selection of animation types from BG I, BG II, IWD, NWN and PS

Sword Coast Stratagems II v21 A tactics mod, intended to make combats in the game more challenging and interesting. (Install SCS II mod before the Big Picture mod)

Spell Revisions v3.1 Fix/tweak/enhance arcane and divine spells in Baldur's Gate II

Spell-50 v6 Priest, druid and mage spells are extended up to 50th level

Tactics v25 Makes the game more challenging and rewarding by increasing difficulty of encounters

BG2 Tweaks v14 Lots of options & tweaks for improved game play

BP-BGT Worldmap v9.0.2 Fixes the worldmap to show all new quest locations

Widescreen Mod v3.05 Allows you to display BG2 on widescreen monitors

Graphic Mods

One Pixel Productions v2.70 Restores BG1 Paper Doll graphics, (But don’t use the potion graphics)

1PP Avatar Fixes v3 Fixes the avatar switching when different items are equipped


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Saw no point in creating a new thread, so here is the list of mods I'm planning on installing for my upcoming BG2 game.


I would be grateful if you could point me to any problems I might have related to the install order or to incompatibilities between mods, as well as any suggestions on glaring omissions and/or mods you would not advise to use. Thanks!




BG2 Fixpack

Item Revisions (main component)

Cursed Items


Item Upgrade

Kind Dutka's Thief

Wand of Dutka


Fading Promises


Adalon's Blood

In the Service of Oghma

Zalnoya and the Shadow Thieves


Almaeria Restoration Project

Unfinished Business

Quest Pack v2.4


Wheels of Prophecy

Tower of Deception

Fishing for Trouble

Aurora Shoes

NPC Kitpack

Hidden Kits

Banter Packs

IEP Banters

Mazzy Friendhsip

Keldorn Romance





Rogue Rebalancing

Item Revisions (other components, skip TobEx)


Sword Coast Stratagems

D0's Tweak Pack


TB Tweaks

BG2 Tweak Pack



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skip TobEx
Why, why not just install the primary mod ToBEx and be all goo ? After all the SCS also installs the mod, the IR would too and the BG2Fixpacks kit detection works better with it too.

Yes, just install the mod before anything else and you'll be fine.


Oh, actually, I made that note because I read in SCS's readme that it was already included with the mod :)

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Oh, actually, I made that note because I read in SCS's readme that it was already included with the mod :)
Yeah, but installing the SCS version doesn't activate all the ToBEx options... as in, it activated the minimums. As the ToBEx allows for example, you to make dual classed chars with Elves, and multiclass-ed with Humans(with an optional component), the SCS version doesn't allow you to choose to activate it, well unless you go and manually activate it, which is easy, but anyways.
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