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[Not an issue] Thank you

Gay Lord

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This isn't a problem thread where I need help. This isn't a rant thread. This is just a thank you thread.


I stopped playing about a year ago because I kept dying all the time. I recently started a new game and found that part of the problem I've been having for years was due to easytutu doubling the damage monsters were causing me. As such, I've now spent about a solid week putting together a BGT install (which will hopefully work).


I used L1NPCs at the end to make all the joinable NPCs *just* the way I want them, with cherries on top. However, i couldn't assign a few proficiencies as I wanted. No problem, I could fix that with ShadowKeeper, and finish making minor touches that I wanted. I then had an "uh-oh" moment. Even though I allow druids to use flails and shortbows, I saw that they still wouldn't be able to equip them, as the items themselves prohibited it. I was then faced with the horror of having to find and edit every single weapon in the game to allow all the proficiencies I wanted.


I started looking around. Looked at Ashes of Embers. Did some googling. Then I had a major DUH moment. I realized that L1NPC had a part that I had skipped over while blearily installing things at 3 am. After installing the "weapon tweak" component, I found that I was able to assign stars freely, and all the weapons appear to be unrestricted. Problem solved!


I can now begin my new BGT game, happy that my party members will be just the way I want them. So I wanted to say thanks to Miloch for this mod, and anyone else who's had a hand. Thank you!




Let me add another thing that impressed me. When assigning proficiencies, I gave Alora dagger and sling, and the mod assigned her a dagger for equipment. However, when I gave Safana scimitar and dagger, it gave her throwing daggers, just as I wanted! I'm guessing you have something in the code that recognizes that if their other proficiency is melee/ranged, then the daggers given would be of the other type. That's fancy! I increased the amount of ammo given to the NPCs, but that's still a clever touch of programming. : )

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