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.D compilation troubles.

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I can't get this to compile, and have no idea why. :)


It gives a 'Not_found' error around @54, and when I comment this block out I get one at @58. I can't see any missing tildes in the .d or the .tra...


If anyone can tell me what's wrong I would be very appreciative, I can't see it!

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Eh, Andy, it compiles just fine for me...


What version of WeiDU are you running?

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Compiled without any problem under WeiDU version 153 (don't ask why I have it) and 167. Are you sure you are compling the correct version of your file? The same you gave us here?

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Yes. This is the error message I am getting.

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I'm getting the same error, unfortunately. :)

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Solved, thanks to SC. :)


<SConrad> In the tp2, change: LANGUAGE ~English (British/International)~ ~English (British/International)~ ~Mur'Neth/British/setup.tra~

<SConrad> Into: LANGUAGE ~English (British/International)~ ~British~ ~Mur'Neth/British/setup.tra~

<SConrad> And it works like a charm.

<Andyr> kk, will try

<Andyr> I am shit with tras

<SConrad> Heh.

<SConrad> Well, I hate them myself. :)

<Andyr> thx :DDd

<SConrad> Want to know what the problem was?

<Andyr> yes plz

<SConrad> ANGUAGE languageName languageDirectory defaultLanguageTRA

<SConrad> *L

<SConrad> See, the second string refers to the directory where the tra's is supposed to be.

<Andyr> ah, kk

<SConrad> Since there were no folder called ~English (British/International)~, it used the setup.tra instead, which run to @53, and then stop.

<Andyr> I got Cam to do all that.

<SConrad> lol

<Andyr> and on Quitch's insistence I changed from British to British/International, which confused it

<SConrad> I tried blocking everything from the Ajantis-banter to the bottom. I then saw that the dlg had the strings of the setup.tra. ;)

<SConrad> Ah, I see.

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Heh. Just realised people can see tp2s for SEKRIT Tutu mods in that screenshot.

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