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Elyvir Blacksheaf - endless loop

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I just finished the YuanTi quest, and last thing on the way out, recovered Erevain Blacksheaf's journal and broadsword.


Everything is fine, until i go back to the Inn in Kuldahar; immediately when I enter, Elyvir asks if I want her to join; if I say yes, it goes into the "Oh my, Erevain is dead" dialogue. Clicking CONTINUE three times leads to a pseudo-cutscene (screen gets dark); I guess we are supposed to be burying her brother.


At this point, it all starts over again. I can't click or hit anything except CONTINUE, and just loops and loops.


Any ideas?

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I've never heard of Elyvir, and I'm very familiar with IWD and IWD-in-BG2. Would you please post the contents of your weidu.log file?

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