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new user problems with minimal dataset


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I'm a new user trying to build and use the latest GemRB (v0.8.1-41-g3a9b5cd) on Ubuntu 12.04, and after failing repeatedly to figure out how to get the paths right for a real game, I've fallen back to just trying to get the included minimal dataset to work.


First problem with that: it appears the installer always sets the paths in the example config file to /usr, even if the actual install path (which is the default) is /usr/local:


~ % cat /usr/local/share/gemrb/minimal/fhs.cfg

That seemed pretty straightforward to fix - just replace "/usr" in all of the above with "/usr/local"; now I get further, but it still doesn't work. It appears to be looking for a number of files; you can find my GemRB.log here: http://pastebin.com/UU7edDR2. Note that it cuts off abruptly because it triggered a assert; in the console I see:


Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-close.c: 759: _dl_close: Assertion `map->l_init_called' failed!

Finally, I noticed that the GemRB.log originally wasn't being saved by default because I did't have write permissions on the GamePath. That's expected of course, but when I further modified the config file to set SavePath to a writeable location, it didn't write it there either, though I think that's the expected behavior. I got this log just by chmodding /usr/local/share/gemrb/minimal.


If someone can confirm that the paths in the installed minimal config are indeed bugs, I might be able to contribute a fix for those, though my CMake is pretty rudimentary. For everything else, I'm definitely out of my depth in figuring out what's going on.

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Your log looks fine, except for being cut off due to your crash. You were missing only these, before gemrb would exit:

[ResourceManager/ERROR]: Couldn't find 'svtriobj.ids'.
[GameScript/WARNING]: Couldn't find saved trigger symbols!
[Core]: Initializing keymap tables...
[ResourceManager]: Found 'keymap.2da' in 'shared GemRB Unhardcoded data'.
[KeyMap/WARNING]: There is no 'keymap.ini' file...
[Core/WARNING]: Failed to initialize keymaps.
[Core]: Setting up the Console...
[ResourceManager]: Found 'carot.bam' in 'Data'.
[Core]: Core Initialization Complete!
[GUIScript]: Loading Script Start.
I suggest you run it through gdb if you have any experience with it. It would allow you to find where the assertion (in glibc no less) really was triggered.


minimal/fhs.cfg is not reconfigured through cmake as the other two config examples. Making it so is trivial — you could just look at where their names are mentioned and their contents and it should be obvious.

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Debugging this in gdb has turned out to be tricky. This must not be a call to the standard C assert macro I'm familiar with, as the stack is empty when the assert trips in the debugger, so I can't get a backtrace.


Googling the error message does bring up a number of hits for other packages. I found this one for the kerberos library more helpful than most:




Inspired by the discussion there, I did try tinkering with the code a bit to see if I could make it go away with really trivial changes to the GemRB code:

- added RTLD_NODELETE to the dlopen flags

- removed all the calls to dlclose (by redefining the FREE_PLUGIN) macro


But neither of these worked, which would seem to debunk the theory that this is some sort of double-dlclose.


However, I did discover that the assertion is indeed appearing only on exit, so it's not actually causing me any real trouble. I've since gotten BG2 working with GemRB, and while I see the same message with that, it only happens when I close it down. So I probably won't spend any more of my time tracking this down, unless a curious dev wants me to look at something specific.

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