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New components

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I guess the new components are :

- equalizer longbow
- brynnlaw component.

Expanded Brynnlaw

This component makes it possible to hire the smuggler Calahan to take one of your companions back to Athkatla. Correspondingly, since stranding anyone in Spellhold is now an explicit choice, choosing to do so will cost you reputation, and may well enrage nonevil companions. Also, for those who find it frustrating that they can only watch helplessly in cutscene mode as Desharik the Pirate Lord murders Cayia, this will enable you to intervene and save Cayia’s life. Finally, this will expand the range in which Imoen will level with the PC, such that she won’t be far behind you in XP even if you’ve done most of the quests in Chapter Two.

Any chance you could split the expanded Brynnlaw in three parts?


- one for the ability to send back your companions (and anyway, why should they get angry for that?)
- one for helping Cayia (hoping that I Get a reward for that :D)
- one for Imoen having a level similar to you ;)


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Unlikely. Why would that be desirable?


To make it clear, because your parenthetical sounds like you misunderstand, people may react badly if you, having the ability to send people back with Calahan, choose instead, out of either extreme cheapness or sheer sadism, to strand them at Spellhold. No one will be angry if you send anyone back with Calahan.

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Ah wait, so npc would acknowledge that I'm just leaving them in spellhold, when I drop them in spellhold? Cute feature :p


Thanks for explaining. I asked to split the components, because I kinda misunderstood the point of them. I think I would only remove the xp component for Imoen, for compatibility sake, if someone else uses level1npcs or the new mod incarnation by Grozzle.

Oh, btw, grats for both releases. :) [oversight + Npc strongholds]

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