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sneak attack in BG2EE


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Hello I'm hoping some folks here can help me figure this out.


I really like the sneak attack over the backstab in the games. With the 1.3 patch to BG2EE it added the option in the ini to use 3E sneak. People tried it and then said it didn't work.


It seems to be working to me - sort of. Here's some screenshots of what I have after dumping my iwdee's backstab.spl, crippstr.2da and sneakatt.2da into the override of my BG2EE.


Char sheet




19 damage note text "The backstab seems to have failed". It seems the 3d6 sneak is working just text is wrong otherwise as you see from char sheet it shouldn't be that high.





Levelled up the guy here's the crippling strike message



and finally for comparison here's the normal sneak attack and crippling strike messages




So how can I get the correct messages to show up? I was hoping some infinity engine masters around here could help...


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