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Updating old mod with ADD_KIT and fl#add_kit_ee?


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Hello all:


I am trying to get the sellsword kit from Megamodkits to work on BGEE for my Mac. I have been told to run the ADD_KIT function and then run the FL#add_kit_ee function and the kit should work (currently it is greyed-out on my kit selection screen).


My problem is that I have no idea what any of this means. I can get Weidu open, but whatever I type doesn't do anything. I have no idea what I am doing, and all he tutorials I have been reading are going right over my head. I don't know how to run a function or get weidu to do anything really.


If someone could please tell exactly what I need to type to get this kit to work, I would be so grateful.


Thank you!

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You need to edit the <modname>.tp2 file with Notepad(or similar Mac text editor), before you run the <modname>.exe -file. It's not doable in large strokes with just the weidu console...

To do this for the MegaModKits's Sellsword kit one the game you have already installed the kit to, you first go an uninstall the mod, then you go download thiz .zip -archive and extract the .tpa file to the <gameinstallfolder>/MegaModKits/Sellsword/ - the folder, then you open the MegaModKits.tp2 -file in the <gameinstallfolder>/MegaModKits/ -folder, then find this part of the text:

- Receives -3 to maximum Dexterity
- Must be a Human or Half-Orc~

COPY ~MegaModKits/Ninja/SPNINJ4.spl~ ~override/SPNINJ4.spl~ // +1 to THAC0
COPY ~MegaModKits/Sellsword/SPSELL2.spl~ ~override/SPSELL2.spl~ // +25% resistance to Slashing and Crushing damage

And edit it so it looks like this:

- Receives -3 to maximum Dexterity
- Must be a Human or Half-Orc~

INCLUDE ~MegaModKits/Sellsword/fl#add_kit_ee.tpa~
LAF fl#add_kit_ee STR_VAR kit_name = Sellsword END

COPY ~MegaModKits/Ninja/SPNINJ4.spl~ ~override/SPNINJ4.spl~ // +1 to THAC0
COPY ~MegaModKits/Sellsword/SPSELL2.spl~ ~override/SPSELL2.spl~ // +25% resistance to Slashing and Crushing damage

Then save the file, exit the text editor window, then you make sure that you have the v23700 weidu for Mac is in usage, and then you just install the Sellsword kit to the game. And then the gray'ed kit should be no grayed out anymore.

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This is really something for a modder to do (whoever maintains Megamodkits) rather than a player, but if you want to take that leap, you only have to make a few minor changes.


You can take a look at how other kit mods do it, like Song & Silence. The instructions that tell WeiDU how to install the mod are contained in the .tp2 file.


If the mod you are editing already adds kits but just doesn't work with the enhanced editions, the main thing you need to do is add some code to the .tp2 so it executes the fl#add_kit_ee function.


First, you'll need to make sure that the fl#add_kit_ee function has been defined somewhere. S&S puts the code for that function in the file song_and_silence/lib/functions.tpa. Then it uses INCLUDE in the .tp2 so that it can call the function later on.


Lines 7 through 34 in setup-song_and_silence.tp2:


  INCLUDE ~%MOD_FOLDER%/lib/functions.tpa~

  // some other code here


Because it's in the ALWAYS block, those functions get included for every component in the mod.


In the component that adds the burglar kit, you can find this on line 804:

LAF fl#add_kit_ee STR_VAR kit_name = ~A!BURGLAR~ END

A!BURGLAR matches the identifier given to the kit earlier in the component (lines 785-801):


So if you have a working kit mod already that uses ADD_KIT ~KIT_ID~, you just need to:

  1. Grab the fl#add_kit_ee function from S&S or from the source, here, and put it in a file like your_mod/lib/functions.tpa.
  2. Add a line to the .tp2 to include this file, either in the ALWAYS block or at the start of the component that adds your kit. INCLUDE ~your_mod/lib/functions.tpa~
  3. Add a line to the .tp2 to run this function, somewhere after the ADD_KIT section of code. LAF fl#add_kit_ee STR_VAR kit_name = ~KIT_ID~ END

After making these changes, reinstalling the mod should make the kit work on the enhanced editions of the game.



The only other thing to be aware of is that the enhanced editions deal with character sets a little differently, but that should only be a problem if the mod adds non-English text or text with a lot of accents to the game. (The other code in the ALWAYS block in S&S handles this.)

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This is really something for a modder to do (whoever maintains Megamodkits) rather than a player...

AKA I/me/myself, the Imp. Ta daa. You got ninja'ed.

Erhm, and by the way, the I am pretty sure the way the S&S does the add on is a bit flunky at best when considering it uses the old approach and doesn't use any of the new functionality, which includes thief skill points a burglar should probably use ... as the thief skills need to be re-modified for each class, as the old system where the thieving skills were usability flag based is no longer so. So I wouldn't go and base things on that mod which adds thief kits but doesn't use the new system in any where where it doesn't exactly need to.

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