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Steam vs. Tweak Pack 1-0


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I downloaded the iwd_tweaks_v15 to modify my IWDEE game. I understand this pack/exctractor was designed for "retail" IWD and Steam is being a jerk.


I initially had the chitin error and change the installation path, now I'm getting the Unable to find DIALOG.TLK ...


I'm running Windows 8.1


Here is what's written in the dos error box ...


[C:\Program Files <x86>\Steam\SteamApps\common\Icewind dale Enhanced Edition\setup-g3daletweaks.exe] WeiDU version 23100


Error: Unable to find DIALOG.TLK in :




I'd really love to play without an experience cap and the corrected ruleset in regards to armor and casting...etc


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Erhm, the facts about the Steam, fact 2 about the Windows 8.1, you have to install all old games to; either to other drives than the assumed primary Windows drive C, or install them to C:\Users\Username\ -sub folders, as all the other folders are content locked and not even the Admin account has the modification rights.


Now like Mike said the g3daletweaks is not compatible with the IWDEE game, cause the game is actually based on the BG1EE&BG2EE engines that are remade BG2:ToB infinity engines, and the file formats are based solely on those. But the error you got is not about that, but about the fact that the weidu.exe that the g3daletweaks comes with needs to be updated to later versions for it to find the dialog.tlk in the Enhanced Edition games. So the "WeiDU version 23100" would need to be "WeiDU version 23700" . :p

Not that this matters cause the g3daletweaks is not compatible with the game and the way it would try and likely to fail to modify the files is incorrect.


All this is easy to know, had you had the knowledge to find it out. So the Steam didn't actually win anything, except perhaps your ignorance.

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