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Original class flag


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Variables only update at the end of each scripting round (at least, unless I've completely forgotten how the game works in the last year, which isn't imposssible. So the Continue() in the first block means that the second is encountered before MAGECLASS gets set to anything other than 1. (Obviously, test it, in case I'm confused or misremembering.)


The problem with your suggested fix is that if Player1 is (say) a single-classed mage, the first block will set MAGECLASS to 1 and the second will have to be checked every script round. That's not a disaster but too many blocks like that can lead to performance problems.


I tested it and the engine works in that very counterintuitive manner but the code seems to have a bug: in the case of M dualling to F or C, the acquired levels are the latter's.


I tested my solution and it does not have that problem.

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