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Invisible characters after Ch.3 cutscene


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Don't think that this is an SCS problem, but I bring it here as y'all are at least familiar with my installation. After the cutscene in Spellhold at the beginning of Ch. 3, my characters are invisible on the map and they will not move, based on the one ioun stone which I can actually see. They're in the sidebar and I can access their inventory and records, so they're still there, but... I've sided with both Bodhi and the Shadow Thieves in an effort to get past this, but it doesn't make a difference. Also saved the game and reloaded in the vain hope that that might fix things, but nada.


Anybody have any idea what's going on? And how I might fix it through EEkeeper or NI? I suppose that I can knock out a few more quests in the meantime while y'all cogitate, but I'd really, really prefer not to have to reinstall everything all over again.

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