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From where can I download this?


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Well, I have a v5.1.10.jar file here, I have never used it !


Cause there's a manual way of making multiple installs.


You first of all, copy the current moded or not game directory to another folder and then go to that directory and edit the baldur.ini file with Notepad so that the directories in the file, under the [Alias] header lead to the new folder, and then start the game with the BGMain.exe ... and you made darn sure that it works.


This is cause the next step is: You'll then uninstall the primary game from the Windows Register via the Control Panel. Then you go to the old game directory remove it and all the mod folders it had and then you reinstall the game, patch it if needed and then you package the whole game directory to a .rar archive(and perhaps put in into a USB drive). The reasoning here is that you can unrar the .rar package faster than you can copy it form an open directory.

You are then free to use the archive, so long as you remember to edit the baldur.ini files to make as many games as you like. I have had more than 10 congruently working games on a few computers... and without official installs in the past 2.

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