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Creating a damaging spell


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Hi everyone. I'm trying to create a spell using DLTCEP. The purpose of this spell is to create a spell is just for kicks.


I'm trying to create a lightning spell that will basically one-shot anything in the game. I made it an 8th level spell, hits for insane damage, uses the electricity type of damage, and is shown through the call lightning animation (originally found on the druid's Call Lightning). However, I seem to have run into a problem while testing.


No matter what I do, I cannot seem to use it to kill balors or liches. I tear down all their protections (Improved alacrity into multiple spellstrikes and breach) and even included setting their magic resistance, magic damage resistance, and lightning resistance to 0 in the first part of the spell. Yet, the liches and balors completely resist the spell. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?


For reference, here are the screenshots of my spell. The last effect is simply repeated 3 times for the damage.



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Did you use the druid spell as the base, you are likely just technically still casting a (power)level 3 spell on the lich and it's immune to all spells up to and including the 5th. The thing you have to change is the Feature blocks power level to 8. Which will make the lich not immune to the spell.
You do this in the DLTCEP by opening the spell, it's Extended Effects, double click each of the the HP: Damage -effect, and locate the "Power" variable in it, and set the number under it to above 5 to overcome the lich'es protection... I don't know what the balor's level is. Demi lich will be immune to everything up to 8, so 9 could be ... good.



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Thanks Jarko, but the last image in my album shows that I made it power 9.


Is there something I need to do with saving throw, Resist, damage type, or even the animation itself?


According to my understanding some information is tied to the animation themselves (such as Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting being party friendly is tied to the animation).


If this is any help, I am running SCS, but I don't believe SCS gives additional immunities to Liches...


Also, got rid of the extended header and put everything into one. I thought extended header meant parts to a spell but that's not it so I consolidated everything into one.

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