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Web spell extreme lag?

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Is there a way how I could change the web spell,from my big world installation?The current one slows down the game to a crawl,I will try to include a screenshot.


ps:i have a similar problem with the friend spell.it seems to rise charisma per round,in an area,for everybody.


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You probably have the Spellpack mod ? Is this against spiders or against all web spells, try and use the console to cheat yourself a few scrolls and try those out:


Should do for test... or you are actually using a similar thing. anyways.

If it's just the spiders, I would remember that if you open the spiders scripts and remove a certain block out of it, and the lag goes away. But hmm...

But if it's the web spell and you have the spellpack installed, you should go and open the <game folder>/SpellPackB6/backup/2215/ -folder and cut paste the files in it to the <game folder>/override -folder and overwrite when asked. This will of course restore the web spells to the state they were in before you installed the spellpacks web component(#2215).


The Friends spell should rise the charisma of the target for a bit, as that should actually be it's only effect, and it will/should dissipate after the spell runs out of duration. It might be intentional that not only the target is effected, as the spell is supposed to enhance the primary targets charisma, but it will get wasted if the NPC talks to anyone else, unless the whole party is affected.

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