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glitch in original Baldur's gate


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So, I have a weird error. I have a multiclass cleric/mage. Basically what happens is his turn undead ability randomly clicks on and off very, very rapidly. It means he cannot use any other abilities. This also happens to my other NPCs, with their third or fourth toolbar item clicking rapidly.


It is super annoying and I cannot play the game.


When I enter the stats screen and then exit, it is ok for a bit. But then, shortly thereafter, it starts up again.


I am playing the older version of the game and not the enhanced edition, because I have an intel card.


Any suggestions for how to fix this would be great.


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Do you have wireless controllers ? Mouse, keyboard etc. If so, just unplug them and plug in non wireless models... Other reasons, could be a script the player character uses that should turn off if you just unlit the lantern at the bottom right corner.

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Thanks for the fast reply. I do have a wireless mouse, but no wired option for it unfortunately. I tried the lantern trick, but that did not seem to work. I will try to adjust the scripts manually and see if that helps. Either way, thanks a lot, The Imp, for your reply.

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