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Cursed x/bow removal

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I've just encountered some weird behaviour on a modded BG2EE : From The Undying mod a cursed bow was added that modify some stats while equipped. However when the item is removed by a Remove Curse spell none of these 'While equipped" effects are removed even though I have totally different weapons equipped then. Is this how it's supposed to work? IESDP says pretty much nothing about the remove curse effect so I thought I'd ask here.

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Thanks for the generic unhelpful answer as usual Jarno the Imp.


There's nothing wrong with the item or its effects. After some investigation I realized this only happens with cursed bows. Now I'm off to investigate if this is a product of the new EE engine (I'm leaning towards an after-effect of the automatic weapon switching when "weapon unusable").


Well nevermind, this also happens in original BG2:ToB. I can't believe this has never been documented, there might have never been any cursed bow in the vanilla game (AFAIK) but this can't be the first modded cursed bow?


This is also true for crossbows.

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