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seethrough doors discrepancy


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We've known about the "transparent" bit in the ARE door flags for a long while. It enables one to see through them (clearing fog of war) even when they're closed.


The bit is not used often, since most doors lead inside or out, where it makes no difference. But there are a few gates, for example Rayic Gethras' entrance in the Docks, the captured village in iwd2 (ar2001) and how's barbarian camp (ar9200). That's just the few I could think of.


What bugs me is the last one. The barbie camp door doesn't have the bit set (only the one disabling compressing time closing doors), yet looking ingame, you can see through its cracks even in vanilla. Modded: https://youtu.be/5ovFIfFKg3Q?t=15s


Any ideas why this may be so? Anyone that played iwd-in-bg2 perhaps has a save nearby (could just be an engine difference)?

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