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Using WeidU to Set Colors


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For an example, Opcode Color Pulse (50):

Parameter 1 can be made up of four different decimal values, one of which is effectively unused (I.E. 000, 255, 222, 219).

This translates in binary to: 00000000 11111111 11011110 11011011.


My question(s) are: is there a DECIMAL225 like there is a BIT1?

If not, what is the best means to count these bits correctly so one knows which to set to get the colors you want?

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Or you could probably just:

SET r =
SET g =
SET b =
  check_globals = 0
  check_headers = 1
  match_opcode = 142
  match_dicenumber = 14
  opcode = 50
  parameter1 = ~r + 256*g + 65536*b~
  parameter2 = 0
  parameter3 = 30
  dicenumber = 0
And then write the r, g and b to what exact values you wish them to be.

A small disclaimer, I haven't used the above code, so test at your own discression.

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