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Blade offensive/defensive spin inconsistencies


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1) Offensive spin grants walk speed haste effect, which isn't specified in the description.


2) Offensive spin "extra attack" effect isn't always applied. To reproduce: enable auto-pause on "spell cast", cast OS, after game is paused, issue another command. Number of attacks won't increase. (Presumably, shell spell gets interrupted. It should be made instant to fix this).


3) There are some shenanigans done with Melf's meteors/OS/Boon of Lathander, to avoid APR overflow. Which doesn't happen with Tobex. So if Tobex is installed, it's probably worth to skip those changes, or give the user some other option to avoid them.


4) Defensive spin advertises -1 AC per level, up to -10. In fact, it grants -1 AC on levels 1-3, -2 on level 4 and further -1 for every 2 levels, up to -10. So at least the description should should be fixed, and maybe levels adjusted.

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1 - I'll look at updating the GTU/GTUL.


2 - It's already an instant cast.


3 - Done in v11 Beta 1.


4 - Also done in v11 Beta 1. It now does what the description specifies, -1 AC per level up to -10.

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