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Trespasser: The ending for Dragon Age: Inquisition is out!


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So, the last DLC for DAI went out yesterday.


Last night I went to bed at 2 am, because I wanted to see it all. And I did! And ohhh, it was so good. For me, a Solasmancer, and - I hope - for many other players.


(I haven't seen much of it - I've heard there's some Warden stuff with Blackwall, and a possible wedding with (spoiler - romance interest), but I haven't seen any of it; I've only seen a few companions).


Solas is... well, yeah. You sure get only one conversation, but it's LONG. And it's good. And, of course, there's the epilogue.


Anyway - buy it and try it!

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I have finally beat(en?) that fcuking swarm of genloks (Descent DLC second fight) on nightmare. Party was lvl 16 LOL (dwarven archer protag., Solas, Vivi and Cass). If you are struggling a little advice: First turn all AI off, when fight starts go to the place where that dwarven legion captain or leuitenat is fighting and kill all the shit around him. This will free him and let him engage more enemies. Simply repeat for all dwarven fighters. 20 something reloads but I finally managed to pull this off. Phew.........Truth is going there at lvl 16 doesn't make any sense. Will probably reload a save and do that true ending dlc first. and Jaws of Hakkon I didn't even start yet. LOL

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da fcuk I was smoking?


party was lvl 14 actually. 20 reloads? yeah right, it was 4 or 5. And it makes sense, in fact you should play Descent as soon as possible! so many goodies for grabs.



btw. Trespasser is pretty buggy! I recommend to wait for a patch.

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